Sydney Road Profiling

Sydney Road Profiling Pty Ltd is the specialised road profiling division of the Kypreos Group of Companies and newest addition to the group.

Drawing on the specialised resources of the Kypreos Group of Companies, Sydney Road Profiling utilises a modern fleet equipped with the latest technology; capable of excavating with the highest level of accuracy and output without disturbing the subgrade or base. Whether the project involves kerb and gutter, concrete islands, natural ground or asphalt, Sydney Road Profiling has the excavation capabilities to deliver down to subgrade level.

Of note, Sydney Road Profiling were responsible for the road profiling of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2012. With structural and environmental factors to consider, combined with strict time limitations placed on the project, Sydney Road Profiling was tasked with finding an innovative solution to the project.

Utilising a fleet of industry leading equipment, Sydney Road Profiling was able to successfully manage a team of in-house profilers and industry contractors in order to exceeded expectations; completing the project well before the deadline and with unsurpassed accuracy.

*Sydney Road Profiling


  • Asphalt profiling
  • Concrete profiling
  • Auto levelling systems
  • Fine milling
  • Micro milling
  • Earthworks boxing


  • RMS roads
  • Council roads
  • Rail works
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

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