Sydney Road Profiling offers a competitive edge in road construction and maintenance works by incorporating the latest technology in automated leveling systems.


Sydney Road Profiling uses an in-house road profiling fleet to assist in completing all types of roadwork projects including maintenance to the highest standard of quality. Through the use of our profiling fleet, the following tasks can be completed;

  • the removal of failing asphalt,
  • removal of entire road pavements for full road reconstruction and rehabilitation,
  • milling along kerb lines to retain the face of the kerb after asphalt overlays,
  • milling tie-ins for asphalt overlays.


Unlike conventional equipment used in the industry, our profilers can perform at a superior level of accuracy and output whilst producing a near perfect cut without disturbing the subgrade or base. With both one and two meter cutting widths available, Sydney Road Profiling’s equipment is capable of excavating concrete, asphalt and sandstone with up to 300mm depth in a single pass; while still maintaining millimeter accurate tolerances.


Performing at double the speed, the profilers are able to excavate the base, crush the material and fill the partnering truck at once. Uniquely shaped drums provide the capabilities for specialist applications and ensure precise kerb and gutter removal, where required. Our profiling fleet possesses the latest 3D cutting and sonic averaging system technology, allowing Sydney Road Profiling to offer an accurate and efficient service.


Our fleet consists of the following;

  • Wirtgen W210 Road Profiler
  • Wirtgen W210 Road Profiler
  • Wirtgen W210 Road Profiler
  • Caterpillar PM200 Road Profiler
  • Wirtgen W100F 1 Metre Road Profiler


The innovative cutting action of our profilers removes the need for saw cutting, increasing efficiency. The state-of-the-art profilers are unrivaled in speed and effectiveness and ensure every job is completed within budget and within time frames.


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