Safety of both our personnel and the community is paramount to the success of Sydney Road Profiling; therefore safety is our top priority.


Through the implementation of a group wide policy, Sydney Road Profiling are committed to making workplaces as safe as possible. Constant monitoring and assessment of the safety and health of all employees and projects is engrained in the every day processes and activity.


In endeavoring to provide a safe working environment; training in health and safety practices, systems and in the safe operations of equipment is undertaken with all staff. Specific training, such as the NSW Roads and Maritime Services' Worker On Foot program have been adopted as industry best practice and implemented across the board to achieve safety in high risk asphalt work zones. 


Sydney Road Profiling recognises its statutory and moral obligations to provide a positive safety culture throughout its business. For this reason, Sydney Road Profiling strives to provide a supportive safety culture though visible, consultative and accountable leadership. Sydney Road Profilings' executive body are committed to upholding their duty of care and ensuring all operations are undertaken in accordance with safe systems of work.



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